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How we can help you
Our experience and a team of experts in architecture, marketing and real estate management, allows us to guarantee that your renovation can add value to your property and improve its price and time of sale.

The value of an apartment is influenced by many factors but the most important is the first impression. Studies show that the decision to buy a home is 70% emotional, therefore, a well-planned renovation increases the value of the property in more than 90% of the cases.

Our services include a thorough analysis of the property condition, the cost of the investment and the market conditions, in order to place your property in a better position compared to the competition, increase profits and decrease the time to sell.

One of our main advantages is the integral management of the project from start to finish. From the first contact, our team of experts at KSA Real Estate will take care of all the doubts about the sale, permits, changes of use, etc., and solve any legal issues, so that you do not have to worry about anything until the moment of signing.

4 steps to higher profits
Our team of experts will take care of the management of your property from the first moment, to increase the value of the property and sell your home in much less time. The whole process is done in 4 steps:

Analysis of the property

The first step to increase the benefits in the sale of your property is the analysis of the conditions of the property and the market. In this way we can detect possible improvements and make measurements on site for the development of the proposal.


Investment Strategy

Once the analysis is completed, we move on to develop an investment strategy, a renovation plan and the marketing strategy. This way our clients can know the cost/benefit ratio we expect to achieve with the project.


Project and Construction

Our team is in charge of each of the steps until the property is ready for sale. We present distribution plans, installations, materials, etc., and we take care of the management and supervision. We also take care of resolving any legal formalities or inconveniences that may arise, all this, so that the process is as comfortable as possible for the owners.


Preparation and sale

Once the work is ready, we can organize the publication of the property, but first, we must prepare it for a photo shoot to help us sell the property. To achieve this, our team can take care of the interior design project, furniture and lighting, or even home staging to speed up the sale.

We can generate up to 25 percent additional profit on the sale of your home.

A refurbishment can help the sales process in many ways, and all of them improve not only the benefits but also the selling time.

If you are still not sure about it, we give you more reasons not to think about it:

  • More than 90% of refurbished properties are sold above the initial price.
  • Most renovated homes sell in less than half the time of those that need work.
  • Many buyers do not visit properties to be renovated because they need to move in immediately.
  • The cost of the renovation is included in the mortgage and no additional loans are required.
  • Energy efficiency improvements are a determining factor in closing a sale.

Do you want to earn more from the sale of your home?

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    The most positive energy

    is the one that is not wasted

    That's why in TOMATO we give you a 5% discount on the best and most efficient solutions to improve the energy quality of your home:

    • Thermal break windows
    • certified and low emissivity glass
    • Enclosures with tilt-and-turn closing systems
    • Motorized and home automation blinds and shades
    • Manual or motorized Bioclimatic Pergolas
    • Motorized and home automation blinds and external blinds