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Pets. How to adapt your home for your best friend

The arrival of a new pet in our home means a big change in our life habits, but without a doubt, at Tomato we believe it is the best decision we can make. Whether you live alone or as a couple or have a large family, a pet certainly changes your life, and always for the better.

It is a very important decision since it is a responsibility that we acquire very long term. The average life of the dogs is in the 10 years and even more the one of the cats being able to arrive at the 14 years. It is also important where we acquire the animal, either in a kennel or in a shelter, being this second option the one we recommend the most, it is impossible to go to one of these centers and not fall in love with one of those furry dogs sometimes with a sad story behind and deserving of a second chance.

We will try to help you to make your friend feel comfortable and safe.

To begin with, we will differentiate the actions by rooms and needs.

  • Food: there are countless brands on the market and by trial and error you will identify the one that best suits their tastes. As with humans, cases of food allergies are becoming more and more frequent. The place where we place their eating area should always be the same, preferably not a place of passage, so they will eat relaxed, with no surprises. the dishes should always be clean and with the food as fresh as possible.
  • Sleep: For animals it is very important to have a specific place to sleep although you will find that you do not always choose the same one, patience. A good fluffy bed will delight any pet.
  • Play: having a variety of toys at their disposal will prevent, although not 100%, that they decide to entertain themselves with our sofa or the leg of a chair.
  • Grooming and hygiene: A good brushing keeps our pet's coat healthy and shiny. it is important for dogs to go out at least twice a day and these walks should last at least 15/20 minutes in the case of cats, the litter box should always be away from food and should be cleaned regularly. the type of litter available is very wide so it will be interesting to try which of them is more comfortable. Sepiolite, clumping or cellulose derivatives are the most common.
  • Health: just like us, our friends need a vaccination schedule as well as a frequent control by the veterinarian. The teeth are an important point that we must always keep an eye on, a proper diet, teethers and specific food supplements will help their oral and dental health, especially when they are old.
  • Safety: we must adapt our home to the arrival of the animal. In the case of cats, special attention should be paid to windows and terraces, although they love to juggle along the railings, we must make sure that they are suitable for this type of games and if not, we should consider covering them with mesh or mosquito nets.


Enjoy their company and remember that for them there is no one more loved in the world.

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