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Infallible tricks to add value to your property

If you have decided to put up for sale or sell your house or apartment, it is very important to know how you can receive a better appraisal and reduce the selling or renting time. A renovation is the best way to do it and increase the value of your house between 20% and 65%.

And, despite the investment required to renovate the apartment, this option is very interesting for the placement of the property in a better situation for the sale. Another advantage is that the buyer acquires the property already refurbished, so these costs are already included in the sale price and therefore in the mortgage, with much better conditions than if the buyer requests a loan for it. In addition, a reform reduces the possibility that the buyer uses the state of the property or the time as a negotiation argument.

Partial or complete renovation? In our experience, buyers feel more confident when the facilities have been renovated and comply with current regulations. The average buyer prefers large spaces with bright colors and smooth walls. A good kitchen or at least part of it is also a good option. Do you want to increase the value of your property or improve its competitiveness? Invest in thermal and acoustic insulation, climate controls and even home automation.

Upgrade your bathrooms and kitchen. Many real estate agents claim that kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that sell a property. In many cases, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can offer a return on investment of 100% or more, and that figure could be even higher depending on the finishes you choose and how much these changes improve the current condition of your home. Kitchens are the focal point of a home, so increasing storage, upgrading appliances and improving the layout to make it more practical are always a wise move.

Make your house brighter. The first thing to keep in mind is that light creates the illusion of space, so a dark property has less value than a lighter one, even if it is smaller. Therefore, making a space brighter is an easy way to increase its value. Another aspect that could make your home brighter is to install bright, energy-efficient lights. This can also help in the winter months when there is not as much natural light.

Change the windows and siding. Potential buyers usually pay a lot of attention to the windows and it helps them to get an idea of the state of the rest of the house. Better quality windows give a lot of value to the property and are a good selling point, they are also more environmentally friendly and reduce energy costs. 

Buyers need to see the space in order to appreciate the value of the property, so we must get the buyer to see the space and picture themselves living in it, so the fewer items you have, the easier it is for prospective buyers to picture themselves living in it. Also, no one has exactly the same taste in décor, and prospective buyers need to be able to visualize themselves living in that space, so consider eliminating any personal or attention-grabbing elements.

The most positive energy

is the one that is not wasted

That's why in TOMATO we give you a 5% discount on the best and most efficient solutions to improve the energy quality of your home:

  • Thermal break windows
  • certified and low emissivity glass
  • Enclosures with tilt-and-turn closing systems
  • Motorized and home automation blinds and shades
  • Manual or motorized Bioclimatic Pergolas
  • Motorized and home automation blinds and external blinds