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Decorate your home with the latest in design

The concept of "Home" is changing by leaps and bounds. The kitchen, which in TOMATO we have always considered the heart of the home, is an increasingly important place, with open spaces, integrated and where you can enjoy cooking with family or friends.


Simple, functional kitchens integrated into the living room 

In 2023 we will continue to see kitchens integrated into the living room, to share family time and receive friends. Natural materials such as stone and wood are gaining presence. Japandi", a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian, is key for the new season and inspires kitchens with imperceptible cabinets so that nothing is in sight and where order predominates. Kitchen cabinets with natural or ribbed textures, with organic-style fronts and textures that evoke nature. 

Another idea is the use of ECO materials and production, 100% sustainable furniture and materials from sustainable and certified forests. The use of toxic-free varnishes or natural oils is also important.

Sanitary parts and their new designs are gaining prominence

Another example of these changes can be seen in the bathrooms, which are joined to the main room, to turn them into a sort of refuge for enjoyment and rest. In terms of materials, wood and natural stone triumph, connecting the house (and its inhabitants) with nature and its surroundings. Increasingly, and thanks to new designs, bathroom fixtures are part of the furniture of the house: bathtubs, faucets, toilets. As for colors, pastel palettes in earth tones are the perfect base on which to add blues, greens and pinks.

In the living room we will seelarger and more organic sofas.

In 2023, we will see many curved armchairs, wallpapers painted with floral or leaf themes. In addition, there is a movement towards comfort and spaciousness in sofas, with more curved shapes and soft padding to promote comfort. Another important element is themix of textures and materials to enrich the space, terrazzo, velvet, ottomans and side tables, lamps, copper objects, handmade ceramics, as well as colored and wooden vases.

Functional gardens to enjoy the outdoors

Finally, gardens go from being merely aesthetic spaces to functional areas in which to enjoy the outdoors, integrating kitchens, lounges, gazebos or vegetable gardens. Another of the points to take into account will continue the protection of the environment, betting on native species adapted to our climate and that enhance biodiversity in our cities as much as possible. Of course, part of this sustainability includes spaces that are easy to maintain, that work practically on their own; micro-systems that help us to enjoy the outdoors with a minimum of effort.


The most positive energy

is the one that is not wasted

That's why in TOMATO we give you a 5% discount on the best and most efficient solutions to improve the energy quality of your home:

  • Thermal break windows
  • certified and low emissivity glass
  • Enclosures with tilt-and-turn closing systems
  • Motorized and home automation blinds and shades
  • Manual or motorized Bioclimatic Pergolas
  • Motorized and home automation blinds and external blinds