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Do you like to go barefoot at home? Your best option is underfloor heating

We have the perfect air conditioning system for you. Underfloor heating is one of the heating systems that provides more comfort and also, combined with aerothermal, provides high energy efficiency achieving significant energy savings. This combination of systems brings together the advantages of both systems, the good efficiency of the aerothermal heat pump and the pleasant heat distribution of the underfloor heating. 


What is aerothermal energy?

Aerothermics works by means of a heat pump, which is a technology that extracts the energy present in the air. This energy can be extracted from the outside to be transferred to the inside of the house (heating) or extracted from the inside to be expelled to the outside (cooling). In addition, if we have a storage tank or a mixed boiler, it can also be used for the production of domestic hot water.

The versatility of the aerothermal heat pump allows it to be connected to both heat generators (boilers, solar collectors) and thermal emitters (radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating). It can operate in heating mode, transferring the heat obtained to the water circuit and distributing it throughout the house. And it also has the option of cooling, by which it transfers cold water to the water circuit.

What is underfloor heating?

Water underfloor heating is a system consisting of a circuit of pipes installed under the floor. When the water coming from the heat pump is distributed through the circuit, the heat is transmitted or extracted from the whole house, adapting to the thermal needs of the season of the year.

The highest degree of energy efficiency is found when dimensioning the installation to work at low temperatures. With water working temperatures for underfloor heating between 30 and 50 degrees, and combined with the aerothermal heat pump, the consumptions are really low and the thermal comfort results are excellent.

Great comfort.

The combination of aerothermal and underfloor heating achieves a great comfort in the house. As we explained in this post, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the house and is not concentrated in a single point, as it happens with other thermal emitters. This makes it a very suitable installation for the well-being of the house.

Energy efficiency.

The underfloor heating connected to a generator as the aerothermal heat pump and sized to work at low heating temperature achieves excellent levels of energy efficiency. For example, in winter, with a supply water temperature of between 35 - 45 degrees, it is sufficient to heat our home, while consumption is being kept to a minimum.

Underfloor heating/cooling options.

The advantage in this sense is clear: to have a complete air conditioning system that provides hot water during the winter and cold water during the summer in the same installation, without the need to install any additional equipment. Although, like all systems, it can also have its drawbacks and it is advisable to install it in areas with low humidity to avoid condensation.

Emissions reduction.

The high efficiencies achieved by the combination of underfloor heating and aerothermal energy make it a renewable energy. The reduction in electrical energy consumption, or fossil fuel consumption compared to having a boiler, leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Whether they are direct emissions from the boiler or indirect, due to the production of electrical energy through thermal cycles or combustion.

Amortizable investment.

Despite the initial investment of the underfloor heating and aerothermal installation, this is amortized in a reasonable period of time due to the energy savings achieved throughout the installation.

The most positive energy

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