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Earn much more money with your commercial premises

In recent years, many owners of commercial premises have decided to change its use and convert it into a home due to the difficulty of renting it with guarantees.

The advantages for the owner are very interesting, less time on the market without renting, higher rental price. All this has a positive impact on the profit, so the amortization time of the investment is accelerated.

In Tomato we are specialists in this type of reforms and we will be happy to assist you without obligation. Our experience in this area and real estate consulting allows us to improve the conditions of your commercial premises and change the use, to position it in a better position in the market and so you can earn more money with your commercial premises.

The documentation may seem very complicated but in most cases the contracted firm will be the one to do it, unless we want to save the cost of the management.

Feasibility Study

Check that the building is not a protected property, this would further restrict the possibilities of the habilitation to housing and the processing before the City Council would be longer and would entail other types of fees and permits.

It must be verified before the City Council that the building where the property is located can have this change of use.

The General Municipal Plan in the area where the property is located must be seen and the permitted uses must include residential use.

Ordinances and regulations. Licenses and procedures

There cannot exist at the same time in the same floor, properties of different use. To have a copy of the book of the Building. Comply with the Technical Building Code (CTE): This type of work is considered as if it were a new construction.

Fire Safety, Accessibility and Health and Safety, will be reflected in plans and descriptive reports, always developed by a certified technician.

Comply with the Habitability Standards of the General Urban Development Plan of Madrid 1997 (updated 16-12-2019).

A change of use and first occupancy license must be requested. Then draw up a deed of change of use and seal it in the land registry. You can not in the project, it affects the structure of the building or the common elements.

Necessary documentation:

Technical Project for Change of Use approved by the Professional Association. Basic Project and Execution Project

Final certificate of the works signed by the project management and endorsed by the corresponding official association. Book of the building, Declaration of cadastral registration. Maintenance contract for fire-fighting installations. Payment of the fees, for acts of verification of execution of work and exercise of activities and fee for the provision of urban development services.

Finally, to the Notary for the drafting of the deed in which the change of use from local to housing will be reflected and to the land registry to leave everything duly legalized.

Physical requirements of the premises. Surfaces, heights and uses:

It is advisable to have more than 38 m2 of usable space, if we have between 25 and 37 square meters the license may not be granted.

The minimum free height will be 2.50 meters in at least 75% of the surface and 2.20 meters in the rest, it is preferable not to have more than 12 meters deep and always 3 meters of minimum facade, 2.70 meters in the interior.

The ventilation surface shall be at least 8% and the natural light surface 12%.

It must have at least the following elements: living/dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. In a studio type design, they may be unified in a single room plus bathroom.


The fume extractor hood will have an outlet to the outside, or hoods with a carbon filter will be installed. Bathrooms and toilets will have forced extraction.

Once we know that we meet all the requirements and we have processed the licenses, we will only have to choose the last details of the project to start with the execution.

The most positive energy

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